Using the Creative Fluency

In my Digital Learning class, we were assigned to show the usage of the Creative Fluency steps in one of our past assignments. The assignment I chose to express the steps through was on my creation of a Low-Poly 3D Island in my Information and Communication Technologies class. For this project, we had to use a program called Blender as our medium for the island. I also followed a provided tutorial on how to do so.


To be successful in this assignment you had to follow the criteria set by our teacher.

1. Hills (with peaks)
2. Trees (at least 2 different ones)
3. A small river that falls off the island
4. Cloud(s) (at least 1)
5. Good use of colours/shades
6. A castle (5 marks)
7. A background picture

The majority of this criteria could be met very easily, since they are all gone over in the tutorial. The castle however was meant to be from our own creativity, but through the tutorial I learnt skills that made making the castle like cutting through butter. Some challenges I faced was that the tutorial provided to us was using the Mac version of Blender compared to us who used the Windows one. Because of this some of the layout was misplaced on our screen and made finding the right tool and such more difficult. Unfortunately my program had also crashed quite a few times so I had to restart once or twice.


In our class we did not need to find more examples of our island because we already had a very descriptive video on it. On the other hand, this was a new program to me. So I was bound to make some mistakes and errors, sometimes this included accidentally hitting a hot key and enabling a setting I did not want, or making the project disappear entirely. The way I got help for this was by talking to my teacher and by looking it up in case other people encountered the same thing.


Watching the tutorial I followed his process until the filming area, this part is where I branched off and wanted to do my own style of editing. In some areas I did my island differently as to what he did. I noticed I could come up with more efficient methods of building my island, and I ended up liking my way better.


Soon after planning I got to work on Blender and created my island with the steps talked about earlier. I got help from my classmate for some of the sculpting and asked for his opinion on my work.


Once I completed my island I looked at all the criteria to make sure I met all the requirements, after finally finishing, I handed my work in. Something I wish I did differently was the structure of my trees, they were a bit droopy and could have been improved on.

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