The project I am using for the Creative Fluency assignment is a modern art project that I completed in Art 9 last semester. This project required us to transfer the art styles or paintings of other artists, onto our own made plaster of our hand. We used many steps in order to complete this project.


What was needed to be successful in this assignment, was to create a plaster sculpture of our hand with an artistic design on top of it. Creating the plaster of our hand was probably the hardest part from start to finish. It started easy with making our mold, however, when we got to the plaster part, things became harder. We had to carefully take our hands out of the molds without damaging them, and slowly chiseled and carved designs into the hand. In addition to the project, us students had to go out of class and fill a “Modern Art Hunt” worksheet. We went around school filling out information on the artworks in school, as they would be helpful when deciding on a design.


Finding examples of modern art was fairly easy to do, because we were surrounded by art everywhere we turned. The hard part was making sure our plaster hand did not break apart. It was almost impossible to stop that from happening, however, our art teacher found a way to prevent it from breaking. We had the choice of mounting the hand onto a plaster “base,” upright on a plaster base, or simply as is.


Walking around the school and the classroom gave me multiple ideas, so it was difficult for me to choose just one design. I decided to look more into Gustav Klimt’s artworks since his style interested me a lot. Lots of his artwork contained small designs all over the art, and the main colours used were yellow, red, brown, and green.


It took me a while to decide on just one design, but Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” gave me inspiration for my designs. Here is the artwork below, as well as my designs that I used for planning with it.

The final design (coloured one), is what I decided to use for my plaster hand. I used ideas from all over the painting, however, the floral patterns on the bottom of the art was what interested me the most. I worked more on carving details into my plaster hand. Because we were given the choice of “mounting” our plaster hand onto the plaster “plate,” I decided to take the extra step to prevent it from breaking easily. After taking it out of the plate mold, I continued on sanding and carving the sculpture then afterwards added the colours. I used acrylic paints.


I took one last look over to see if no spots were left blank. It matched the requirements for the criteria, so then I finished it with mod podge to seal the colour. This entire process showed me how problems can be avoided in the future if I ever decide to make this again, and how I can improve in other parts as well. Below is the finished product!




Using the Creative Fluency

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