My project was to use SketchUp a 3D design software and make a house anyway I like using the software we learnt how to use as a final project. This was assigned in ICT9 in first semester. 

Five I’s 


The assignment was easy for me to understand. I just had to build a house using the 3D design software. The criteria said that there should be a modern design to the house so I had to think of a house design that would like nice with one of the house design trends. I found time to be challenging, we only had about a week in a half to build a house. I had to think about how big the house should because if I build it too big I won’t have enough time to finish, too small and I would finish to early. The project got me thinking quite a bit. 


At first I didn’t know how to start, most people would go online and search up houses trying to find a type of house the would build. I went online and did the same and found modern house. I have a thing for modern house and that inspired me to build a modern house as my final project. I got excited to make the house.  

The website I found —-> 


I had to plan what a modern house looks like. To me they look like a bunch of geometric shapes mashed together to form a really cool looking house. I didn’t really know how to build a modern house so I went back online. I kept looking at different modern house and I noticed one trend most modern house had. I noticed that the houses had lots of windows for natural lights and that made me understand what my house could look like. 


Now I after all that planning it was time to build my house. I imagine a house with a big backyard because I didn’t want the house to be that big, the house had lots of windows with two floors to it. I then started building the house. I started off by making the grounds of the house before actually working on the house to get a better idea of how big the house should be. After that I started making the house and then decorated the house with furniture’s.


Once I was done building my house I looked at the marking rubric to make sure I had everything. I made sure to look carefully if I missed anything but I am sure I didn’t. Looking back I couldn’t believe that I was planning to build a house of my design and actually do it. This is one of my most proudest projects I did in semester one. This skill can be useful to me if I become a architect.

Using the Creative Fluency

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