1. ¬†Things I did in grade 9 business class was doing a stock market simulator too see how much money you gain or lost, which I got first place at with 11,000 dollars gained just buy selling stocks and buying them, before Elon musk got popular. Another project I did, was about, going to a vacation with a budget of 1400 dollars, which is annoying, but entertaining to see what places has good food, different restaurants I didn’t know Etc.


2. Some of my goals to do my work is to get a good grade, mostly like a 85+ or more, because some of my goals for grade 9 is to improve my skills I didn’t have back in gr.8 when I was still a straight B student with some As but also with some Cs, which now I’m trying to fix that. Things that make me proud is work I put into that I took hours to finish to get a decent grade for my report card. Most likely the most challenging part about school right now is the amount of homework I’m getting is sometimes too much, but I spend a lot of time to think about projects, and how to plan them. In the future I’ll most likely try to get more work time at home, at weekends, since weekends are more of a free day off, which also doesn’t mean I don’t need to do homework.


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