What was your process for converting the text to emojis?

I chose a movie that I had watched recently and had a title that would be easier to transfer into emojis. Then I would look over the available emojis and picked the ones that made the most sense to use.

Did you rely more on syllables, words, ideas or a combination of all of them?

I used a combination of all of them since I could not use emojis for the movie word for word since that is not possible with emojis. Instead I used emojis that gave a general idea of what happened in the movie.

Did you start with the title? Why? Why not?

I started with the title since it was the easiest part since it was a small title that I was able to recreate pretty accurately into emojis.

What were your challenges when you were converting the title to emojis?

There were not many challenges for the title since it was a small and simple title but it was more difficult to figure out which man face to choose to make it have more sense.

Did you choose the work based on how easy would it be to visualize? 

I chose this work because it was much easier to visualize for myself since I remembered a lot from the movie and many of the emojis on the keyboard would be able to illustrate what was going on fairly well.

An Emoji Story

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