Criteria: My criteria consists of looking over the titles and if any of the artists are familiar than they will be chosen. I think that this will show off the better sounding music since I am do not know a lot about different types of music so if I recognize a name it must be because they were good enough to catch the eyes of listeners of all ages and groups. If the music turns out to be not as enjoyably I will find the next familiar artist that I find.

  1. The Magic Flute by Mozart

I chose this song because Mozart was a familiar name and I finalized on choosing it as one of my songs because it was purely only instruments playing which made for a calming and enjoyably listen.

2. Fifth Symphony by Beethoven

I chose this song because Beethoven was another familiar name and it was also purely just instruments playing. What made it different however was that this song was much more upbeat and there was more going on making it more exciting to listen to.

3. String Quartet by Beethoven

This song had a much more classical feeling that felt as if it was being played in an elegant party giving it a very rich feeling making you want to continue to listen to it. It had much more calming feeling which made it easier to listen to for longer.

4. Dark Was The Knight by Blind Willie Johnson

This song had a familiar title which caught my eyes. This song was also different from the other chosen songs as this one felt like a more cowboy style song that had a more simpler music and consisted of soft humming throughout most of the song.

5. Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry

This song had a very familiar title and artist name and it was because I had heard this song in many videos and movies were it was background music. The song had a more upbeat feel to it and unlike the other songs chosen, this song had a singer the entire song. The song was more exciting and the beat was much more louder to match the singers voice.

Golden Record Selection

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