So for the last couple of years I’ve been playing soccer. At the beginning, like a lot of other people. I started in House, which was fine with me. But after two years I got into Division two. Which is one level higher than house. I was in that division for many years. I think almost 4. My team started off roughly where we would lose many games in the first two or three games. Which put us at the bottom of the leaderboard. But after. We were able to. Come back and win all our games, putting us at one of the top positions of the leaderboard. And after some hard work we were able to win the finals. It was really relieving to know that our hard work would have paid off, so I’m happy with that. Apparently we played good enough. To be put recently into a higher division, which was Division One. And this will be my first time and our teams first time being in this high of a division.

How does the text deviate from conventions of written English? 

The my oral speech is converted into text I noticed there are many obvious and confusing grammar that makes many sentences incomplete. There were many misplaced periods which made a sentence only have two or three words in them making it much harder to understand when my thought finished.

What is “wrong” in the text? What is “right”? 

Periods were placed in the wrong areas and because of this many words started with uppercases that should’ve been lowercase.

The words were all correctly spelt and the words that I wanted and there was proper comma placements in some areas.

What are the most common “mistakes” in the text and why do you consider them “mistakes”? 

Some common mistakes were comma and period placement. I noticed that many times there were unfinished sentences that only contained a couple words and did not convey a full thought make the text confusing to read. I consider them mistakes because they made the writing harder to read and follow along with.

What if you had “scripted” the story? What difference might that have made? 

If I had scripted the story I feel that there would be a noticeably difference since much of the reason as to why there were so many grammar problems, was due to the fact that I was pausing many times to think about what I should say.  When this would happen the text would put a period or comma when I would stop to think about what I should say.

In what ways does oral storytelling differ from written storytelling?  

Oral storytelling is different from written storytelling because when you are speaking orally you can change your ideas mid sentence and be much more flexible with your speech. Also, oral speakers have the ability to express and catch viewers attention more using body language and emotions.

Voice to Text

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