Assignment 4 – Using the Creative Fluency

What is my assignment?

For my English 9 Honours class in term 1, I had to make a portfolio of my big project on my Novel Study, Ender’s Game. my partner and I made a six-thousand word MLA formatted document on the book.


The teacher gave us a criterion of the minimum points needed to achieve a good grade. The following include:

  1. Vocabulary Development
  2. Connections
  3. Quotation Interpretation
  4. Other section

My partner and I decided to split the work and completed it two weeks before it was due.

Vocab Development


To gather examples for my project, I went to websites like SparkNotes and Youtube to find some good connections from the text to life and google also helped me find information about Orson Scott Card the author.

There were many pages explaining and summarizing the chapters on google and most of them were from highly factual and credible websites.

I also took inspiration from many of my previous assignments like our Vocab Test, which included 100 terms of Literary Devices including the likes of Rhetorical questions, Verbal Irony, and more. This helped me incorporate more elements into my explanation writing for quotations.


My partner and I surveyed many of our classmates during the timeline of our project to see where everyone else were, but we were surprised to find out that most people did not start on their project until the last week, which shocked us since we were all honour students and we thought that more people would worry about the project

After surveying, we somewhat concluded that we were ahead of everyone and that we could start on the section that we were 100% clear what to do to like Vocabulary and leave the Other Section to last.

Poem connections


Starting out English Assignment, we first formatted everything in MLA format, including the header, font, etc. We then started on the Vocabulary which was the easiest part and then went on to the connection part where we had to make connections from text to self, text to world, text to text, etc.

Novel Study Portfolio: file:///C:/Users/16045/Downloads/Novel%20study%20Portfolio.pdf

It was basically a smooth ride after that as the quotation interpretation was very self-explanatory and we could inspiration from SparkNotes.

quote explaination


Once the video was done, I went back to the original four-point criteria. Points 1 and 3 were fairly straightforward and easy to do, but the other two were explained very vaguely and were up to our interpretation to complete. Therefore, we had to brainstorm more and make sure that our interpretation would make sense and that there would be things to write about

Going forward, the major changes that I would make to my process would be:

  1. Asking more questions, I think my partner and I did too much inferencing creating doubt in our minds that would have not been there if we asked more questions.
  2. Make more creative connections, many of my connections were a little bland and boring

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