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Using Creative Fluency

In my Digital Learning class, I was assigned to elaborate and discuss the Creative Fluency expressed within the work of any project that I have completed in class. I decided to base this assignment on the short story I created called the Revolution of Crimes in my English class. For this project, we had to use the elements of short stories we learnt and form a short story of our own to express our learning.


In order to be successful in this assignment you must follow the criteria which includes incorporating the features that make up a fictional story (plot, setting, character, mood, conflict, point of view, imagery, theme), proper sentence structure, proper grammar, correct punctuation/spelling, as well as creativity. Since this short story took me almost two weeks to complete, there were many challenges I encountered. One being the fact that I was limited to 2-4 pages, the text had to be double spaced, and written in a 12 sized font. As I was in the process of finishing my story I noticed that I had forgotten to use the 12 size font and instead the 10 size font. Fortunately enough, my story was not more than four pages, however I realized that I did not double space my written work. The double spacing affected my written work because it exceeded the amount of pages needed in the criteria. At this point, I needed to shorten my story. Soon after, I overcame those struggles and produced a descriptive/creative story that would earn me a good mark.


Fight Club (1999) - IMDb

Since works of literature are considered to be all around us, my teacher did not have to┬áprovide examples, but she did by assigning the class to read stories like the Flowers, Priscilla and the Wimps, No Bikini, and Dear Lady in the Women’s Washroom. We also could easily access many examples online for inspiration or read through previous short stories we have read before. However, my inspiration came from a film I had previously watched called Fight Club which revolves around a depressed man suffering from insomnia who is discontented with his life, but this all changes when he meets a careless soap salesman named Tyler Durden who appeared to be his alter ego in the end. The insomniac soon finds himself living with Tyler in his squalid house after his luxurious apartment was destroyed by way of explosion. They then formed an underground fight club with strict rules as a way for men to release their anger about the murdane lives they live. The project soon spirals down into something sinister. I admired the idea of an insomniac discovering that his friend was actually his alter ego, therefore I used the concept and applied it to my short story.



Through reading/analyzing the short stories that were assigned by my teacher and observing the film in detail, I was aware that incorporating the elements of short stories was essential. However, I realized that the different genres had different effects on me as a reader/viewer. There were some that I enjoyed and found more interesting than others.

Example of a short story:

http://<<The Flowers – Alice Walker.pdf>>



The revolution of crimes FINISHED

Finally, after reading/analyzing these short stories and watching the film, I began to write the draft of my short story. When I completed my draft, my class had a peer edit which involved editing another person’s work of literature. Once my short story had been edited by my peers, my job was to apply those edits to my final copy.


Once I completed my final copy of the short story called the Revolution of Crimes, I checked if I met all criteria before handing it in. After reading through and checking off the necessary requirements I had finally completed the short story project for my English 9 class.

After learning to apply creative fluency in my assignments/projects, I can honestly say that I will continue to use this process in my life as a student to adulthood. The reason as to why is because the whole idea of using a form of what you created to add value and show a message should be carried out throughout life when planning for projects. If I had an option to make changes to my short story, I would include the parts I deleted because there were details that could have made the story better.

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