My project was from woodwork 9 when I built my table. This Assignment took the whole semester to complete and it turned out well.


I Identified all of the materials that i needed to be successful during my planning for the table. I talked to my teacher about any problems I may have throught the building of the project and designed my project in a way that avoided most of the challenges.


I got inspired online for the types of woods to use for my table. I watched multiple videos about the different features I could encorporate into my table to make it unique. I ended up putting a drawer in the table and made the top out of cherry wood.


I wanted to make a folding table but I had to plan my time wisely and realised that with one semester I wouldn’t be able to complete it all the examples that I saw all were made in a factory thus they would be able to complete the designs in a shorter time frame.


Through the planning sheet I layed out every possible idea i wanted for my table to look like and started from there. Then I identified the materials needed to build my final design.


All the steps were completed correctly and I came out with an amazing looking table. If I were to do this again, I would have maybe made an easier design for my table or would have worked on my time management to complete the table on time.

Using the Creative Fluency

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