On November 29 I left Canada to go to Iraq for a visit to see my grandparents. My grandpa was sick and I was excited to go to see them but also upset because my grandpa sick we arrive there on December 1 or second, I was excited, I return January 19, but I was upset because I did not want to say I did not want to come back. I saw lots of new stuff learn lots of new stuff. It was interesting to learn about my culture in my country because I did not live there. I looked in Syria so I don’t know much about it but I still, it was it was something interesting something need to learn and I hope I would go back soon I got I bought lots of stuff from there. Also, I saw lots of stuff and I was not expecting here actively looking like that I expect it to be like more of Buildings that goes inside like on the floor or like dead people, but it was at so much nicer and The people they were nice I got to meet lots of people I want to do Reiki weddings Iraqi parties. I ate lots of Iraqi food and the best part is that I can welcome to any restaurant any store I like it I don’t have to worry about for till all of her off 


  1. How does the text deviate from conventions of written English? 


 Oral text requires more listening and speaking than written English, which involves a lot of reading and writing. As a result, oral texts are considered more informal and simpler than written forms. For example, a conversational speaker can use “I wanna”, “must”, and “gonna”. When communicating verbally, we hear more of the “text” through the tone, volume, and pitch of the speaker. Someone might say excitedly or sarcastically, “I’m so excited to meet you.” In written text, the reader must know the context of the conversation and determine what is being said based on certain types of feelings and emotions. In written English, authors use adjectives and adverbs to communicate with the audience. 


What is “wrong” in the text? What is “right”? 


There are lots of grammar mistakes there is the last part where it is highlighted with yellow, I tried to say that “i don’t have to worry about if its haram or halal” everything there is halal, but it wrote a whole different thing that makes no sense and there are capital letters where there not supposed to be there  



Voice to Text – Digital language

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