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I created this vinyl sticker in Tech 9 in the first half of the first semester. The goal for this particular assignment was to showcase my abilities and skills in the editing program, Adobe Illustrator, as well as to display that I was able to come up with several different simple but personalized sticker designs. Here is the process I took of making this:

  1. I sketched four different sticker designs that reflected myself, and then I chose one to make a good copy out of and redrew it on a larger piece of paper. After that, I traced the image with a fine-line pen.
  2. I scanned my paper and uploaded my drawing on Adobe Illustrator, then started to edit and delete extra points to make it look less like a hand-drawn image and closer to looking as if it was an image from the internet, giving outlines a smoother look.
  3. I sent the file to the tech teacher, who send it to the cutter. After that, I used an X-Acto knife to peel away the excess vinyl away, leaving me with the sticker I designed.
  4. I used sticky paper to transfer the sticker onto my sister’s phone case, and then I applied Modge Podge to seal it on.

My goal was to create a design that was unique and suited well to my personality. This project took a while to complete, but I am extremely proud of it because of the effort I put into making it, and the final product turned out to be better than I expected, for using these materials and sources for the first time. I had troubles transferring the sticker because of the smaller details I decided to include to push myself a bit, so if I were to redo this activity, I would slow down and be work more carefully around the smaller parts of the design when removing it from the rest of the vinyl.

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