What is my assignment?

For this particular post, we were supposed to look back at something from this semester and show how we demonstrated all the 5 “I’s” of creative fluency. I decided to do mine about a humanities assignment. Each student made a PowerPoint presentation with place-based poetry about both the good and the bad of one physiographic region in Canada.

If you want to see my presentation on PowerPoint, here it is!

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Before I could do anything, I needed to go over the criteria and see what I was supposed to do for this assignment. Here are some main points:

  1. Create a PowerPoint presentation about my region with background music to help with the mood and appealing visuals.
  2. Produce two poems about the region I chose. One should be about the negative aspects and the other about the positive. Both should be on the presentation for the class to read.
  3. Prepare a script for the oral part of the assignment. This should include the two poems I wrote.
  4. Prepare to answer some questions – why did I choose this particular region? How does perspective affect us and our opinions? What is confirmation bias, and why is it important?

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In order to create my own work, I had to get an idea of what I wanted my assignment to look like. One example of place-based poetry I found inspiring was If You’re Not From the Prairie by David Bouchard. Although it was just a children’s book, it had a very powerful and meaningful effect on me.

Here’s the link to a PDF version if you want 🙂


I also took a look at several palindrome poems. These poems are meant to be read in two ways – first normally, from the top to the bottom, but then you read it the opposite way. I really liked this type of poetry because although it’s only one poem, it shows us two very different perspectives.

Turning a bad day to a good one might require no more than a change in perspective. Here are six reverse poems that will inspire you to live your best life.Jonathan Reed – The Lost Generation | Genius

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After taking a look at all of those poems and many more, I realized that a common thing I found was that the poems had a lot of repetition. This was to make a point about something, to say, “Hey! This is important!” This was definitely helpful to get a message across, and I think it was a good idea to add to my own poems.

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Starting off my assignment, I tried to think about what I would want to talk about specifically. I did some research and made a long list of topics, but after looking at it, I still couldn’t get my creativity to start so I could write. My “aha” moment came to me when I looked for images I thought were good topics to go into. After a while, I have gathered enough to start my work.

I arranged each image on a slide to use as a background. After that, I finally got the spark I needed to start writing my poems. Once finished, I presented it to the class!

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Looking back at my work, I checked through the main points of the criteria I created in the beginning. I met all of them, but there was always room for change. For example, I had to manually turn on the music and then begin the presentation. Now, I actually know how to embed audio within the PowerPoint itself. I also felt that my visuals weren’t as good. Because of the images in the background of each slide, the words on it were harder to read. I did add a white highlight to help, but I could have made the font bigger.

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Assignment 4 – Using the Creative Fluency

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