By far, the thing I am most proud about during Q1 was a bedside table I made for my room in Woodwork 9. I have been wanting a bedside table for the longest time, but my parents always suggested to wait till the table I wanted was on sale–which never happened. So, when time came to choose our courses for this year, and the teacher announced that grade 9’s would be making tables during the school tour, I instantly knew that was a class I wanted to join. On the other hand, my parents were sceptical about my decision. They were mainly concerned that the class wouldn’t benefit me much in the future, but since I’ve been wanting a table for the longest time, we decided to take the class. While making the project, I only encountered some minor challenges. For example, cutting the wood too thin, drilling the holes off centre, and making the some of the legs not 90 degrees. If I were to do this project again, I would just make sure to cut off smaller sizes from the wood, make my hands sturdier when I drill holes so that the screws doesn’t go everywhere, and focus on making the measurements are as precise as possible. Other than that, I would follow the same process.