Digital footprint

Patrick or pat is a 32 American gaming YouTuber who mostly upload Mineraft and roblox videos he also have comic story books on sell in stores. He has over 17 million subscribers on YouTube. His digital footprint is very extensive. He posts on Twitter and has been  posting about his personal love life on he YouTube channel recently


His work was generally funny and made for kids, until recently. He started to share more about his personal life and posting less and less, he went from posting almost every day to posting as little as two videos a month.



Patrick dose not hide any of his social media from the public. Although his account may be public there is no mention about being hacked in their account.


What dose he want us to know?

Patrick openly shares things from his life, he had recently been making full video about what has been happening in his life and explaining why. A lot of personal details are know like how he is born on November 25, he’s 32 years old, lives in Jacksonville, Florida, and is allergic to eggs. Recently he had share more about his love life with separate videos explaining how he had a new girlfriend and found that she was toxic and broke up. He was only sharing the information of himself and what others are comfortable with, but recently he had been exposing his ex, showing pictures and c hats of what had happened.


Is pat over sharing

Most of pats videos are about games and fun, talking about mods and lucky blocks. However recently I personally feel he is sharing a bit too much, he is lucky no one is take advantage of that. For example he had shown his house in videos and the layout of his house in vlogs too.

Digital footprint

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