About Me

Hello! I’m Wen Qin, and welcome to my humble blog! I love bubble tea and hanging out with friends. I mean, who doesn’t? I also enjoy skating and skiing, which probably means I am a winter person. This is probably true considering I like snow and most activities related to it, even though I get cold easily. I am excited for this winter’s ski and snowboard season! I also like hot chocolate and browsing my favourite apps like Pinterest. Baking is always fun too, athough I am not the best at it, but I am improving!

Happiness comes in waves, it will find you again.

This quote is one of my favourite quotes, and I think it has a lot of truth to it. It is important to remember this quote in tough times, and know that happiness is just around the corner.

I really like this video because the animation is beatifully done, and the song is super good too. This is probably one of my most watched videos.

One of the things I love to snack on is candy. Particularly sour candies, but I like sweet as well. It is something I do not think I will grow out of soon.


I like going to pinterest for ideas on what to bake, or just for browsing. I highly recommend this website, since it can be used for many different purposes.