This is a brainstorm that I did in Q3 for English. This brainstorm was about this book called “Everything Everything” and I had so much fun while working on this assignment. My goal was to fill in the whole paper, making it as colourful as possible, neat writing, clear sentences, and just making it look pretty in general. The thing that makes me proud about this assignment is the grades I got for this. I got a 20/20 and I think it was worth the effort. I think the only challenge that I faced while working on this assignment was trying to make everything look neat, while filling up small spaces. I couldn’t predict how much space each part was gonna take, so it was more challenging. The only thing I would change is the design of this brainstorm. I think it would’ve looked cooler if I didn’t make all the lines so stiff. I finished this on the last minute, so I wish I didn’t procrastinate as much.

Reflection 1

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