My Plan for Screen Time

Assignment 4 My Plan for Screen Time

Health: I will be walking to school and back home every day. (30 minutes/day)

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I go to the park and jog. (1 hour/each time)

Every day after school, I do indoor activities like yoga, stretches, planks etc. (40 minutes each time).

In total, I will focus on my health and exercise for 7 hours and 50 minutes per week.

Doing activities helps me to be stronger and healthier, and even helps with my learning and sleeping. It can make me more concentrated when doing things, and if I’m tired, I fall asleep very quickly.

Education: Every day I do my homework when I have spare time at school and at home. (1 hour/day)

Review things I learned from classes, so I will memorize them better and strengthen my knowledge. (30min/day)

Preview things for example go into the next few pages in my science book, so I will get the basic idea of what I will be looking for the next day. (30min/day)

Every night before I go to bed, read books. It’s better to look at things on paper rather than using devices since blue light disrupted our quality of going to sleep. I will also remember the content in the book better since our brian store information when we are sleeping, reading will be the last activity I did. (40 minutes/day)

In total, I will take care of my education for 18 hours and 40 minutes a week.

These activities help me stay on task and always know what I need to prepare for.

Social Bonds: I chat with my family every day share what happened at school, and what things I learned, and ask how their day was, these can occur during the time after dinner. This will make us better connected and we will be able to share information. (1 hour/day)

I will go to friends and teachers that I didn’t see for a long time at school, say hi to them and ask how it’s been for their semester or any fun things we could share. I will be able to do these during lunchtime, after school, or in class if our teacher allows us to chat. (about 5min/day for each person I talk to)

Communicate with friends, peers, and teachers in-person/online about any questions I have. I chat with friends mostly online or when we are walking to school together. I will be able to ask my teachers questions before class or during ESS block. It’s more clear for me to ask my teachers directly instead of emailing the. (1 hour/day)

Call or face time with friends and family in another country during the weekends. Due to covid, it’s hard for me to travel back to China, to make up the time I missed spending with some of my friends and family members, face time works best for me. (2 hours each time).

In total, I will spend about 18 hours a week on my social bonds.

Having a good social bond provides me with positive mental health. It’s how I make connections with others.


School: When I’m in my classrooms, I mute all my devices and put them away unless the teachers allow me to use them. I won’t be disturbed by the notifications, I can focus on my course and won’t disturb my classmates either. No earphones when my teachers or classmates are talking, I must pay full attention to what they are saying, so I don’t have to ask again and waste their time.

Home: When chatting or eating at home, I put my devices away. Electronics highly disturb me during certain activities. I might not pay attention to who I’m talking with, which would make them feel unrespected. And it’s very harmful to my body if I use a device when eating, since both my brain and stomach need blood to work properly. Return all my devices to my parents after 10 pm (like what I used to do). This will help me fall asleep quicker as there will be no blue light 1 hour before bed.

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