What is my assignment?

For my information technology class, I had to create a loft in the sketchup program.


For my project to be successful I needed to

  1. Follow the instructions in the best way possible
  2. Add a little bit of my own style to the loft to make it unique
  3. Figure out the best angles and worst angles to see the loft from

It’s going to be challenging figuring out how to add my own style to the project, while following the instructions given to me.


I used an example of one of my classmates, Tom’s as a inspiration and an example for my loft.

I came across many other examples across my classmates, and saw all the different types of furnitures I could use to decorate my loft and make it better.


The connections between the examples of works across the different lofts is that they all insert the same sort of items, kitchen, bed, dresser and table. But they all have different arrangements of the pieces of decoration. Some put the table nearest to the staircase, some put the pool table near the staircase and so on.


I had an AHA moment when I organized and used process of elimination to see where I wanted the furniture and eventually came to a picture of what I envisioned.

Jaden’s Loft Block C

I’ve come to the decision to make my loft not a complicated, detailed design but a more simplistic cartoonish, loft that is easy on the eyes.


I did follow Step 1 very easily and step 3 was just a process of doing it over and over again but step 2 was the hardest and most difficult step for me to manage.

If I were to do this again, I would make it a bit more detailed and try to add more furniture even if it broke the simple vision I had, I think I could have made it work.

Using the Creative Fluency – Assignment 4

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