Each week will depend for me because I spend so much time playing basketball outside of school, but I would like to spend 8 hours a week outside of school on my health.


I already kind of gave an example of how I would be able to take care of my health, Basketball, I would like to spend most of my time doing that. I would also like to be spending a lot more time doing things like yoga or just normal stretching to improve my flexibility.





Outside of school I would like to be spending close to an hour a day on weekdays and maybe an hour and a half on weekends so all in all I would like to be spending 7 hours a week on schoolwork and other things educational.


One way I will take care of my education is by making sure right when I get home I get started on it. I will also set a timer so I can stay on track and when the time is up take a small break only to get a bit more work done afterwards.



Social Bonds


Now This area has never been my strong suit but it is something I would like to be working on. In total I would like to spend at least 3 hours a week improving my social bonds, but I would like to ideally increase it to 4-5 hours.


I can do this by setting up multiple ways of reaching someone when I am in school so I can get a hold of them and see if the want to do something. I also have to spend more time at school branching out trying to find people who I have  a common interest with.



Stopping Rules




At school I will always be trying to do one of two things. Firstly, I will be trying to keep my phone in my locker as much as possible. If I forget (or choose to take it with me) I will make sure that when class has started, I have turned my phone completely off and I will leave it in my bag.





At home there is more temptation for me but there are a few things that could help. I could shut it down again but when I am at home sometimes my family needs to get a hold of me so that isn’t the best solution. But I think the best solution is I could make sure that my phone is set on a do not disturb mode that only lets my family call or text me.


My Plan For Screen Time

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