The assignment I’m using for Creative Fluency is a group project which that I carried out in Grade 9 of this year with the rest of my group. This assignment was completed in Business of last quarter. This task required research in different types of pre-planning and different steps in completing and presenting the Business Idea.

the 5 I’s:


the teacher provided a criteria for which we would be marked on:

Content – all requested items covered well; any bonus items? /7

Presentation skills – volume, eye contact, pace, body language /7

Management of questions after presentation – did you sound like you knew what to say? /7

OPTIONAL*** Design Рyour visuals support understanding of what you say and look professional  ***


To make our business idea we had to come up with different ideas that would benefit people so we made something no one had designed before, something out of the blew but would make a deviation to the norm. Our teacher brought in some old but great projects from students of the year before us, which helped us imagine and create our presentation design. We came up with the idea from thinking about a smaller design for a household idem. We didn’t look up different types of companies, but we compared our idea to the household item to see if it would work as we planned it to.


we took examples we learned previously from the quarter and applied it into the presentation. We tried making the arrangement of the poster different from other students. Also, we tried making the writing aspect more interesting, more complexed and thorough. Our presentation included different types of advertisement that most students in my class didn’t really focus on, which was to my and my groups advantage.


Subsequently, we started the making of our poster and adding any type of last minute touches on it as we did to the written part of the assignment. We started preparing for the presentation and made sure we considered the types of questions that would be asked to us by the teacher. The objective of the of the project was to see if our business idea would be good enough to have our teacher invest in it, without losing a considerable amount of money. (It’s not real, just to be clear.)


In the end, we finished the poster and presented our presentation, our teacher didn’t say whether or not they would invest in our business idea. they didn’t say because we volunteered by going 3rd. We met our criteria and got bonus points for volunteering and putting visuals into the presentation.




Using the Creative Fluency

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