Using the Creative Fluency

My project is my final project in Social Studies. I made a PowerPoint to find the similarity and differences between refugees nowadays to refugees in 1800-1900.

The 5I’s


When I first got the criteria for the project, I looked it over clearly to see what I needed to do, in order to gain an A. When I was researching, I was unsure if my topic was correct. Therefore, I would ask questions frequently to my teacher and my peers. In the end, this earned me an A.


I got inspired a lot when a was doing this project. This is because my teacher put up examples of past projects on the rubric. Before I started my own project I looked over the past projects clearly, to see what they did well and what the did not. In order to use their pros and avoid their cons. I also used past projects as a guideline, which allowed me to know what my grade would be.


When I was working and almost finishing my project, I would ask my peers to see if I can look at their projects. This fixed many problems that I had with my project. For example, when I compared my project, I found out that my PowerPoint lacks style and organization. Therefore, I reorganized everything, in order to give it a better look. I also realized I had too much writing on my PowerPoint when I compared it to my peers. Which caused me to shorten all my text on the slides of the PowerPoint.


Before I started my project, I imagined my topic and the layout of my PowerPoint. For example, I would imagine how many slides are for my subtopic. This helped with my research because I know the amount of information I needed, in order, to fill the PowerPoint. I also imagined the key points that I needed on the PowerPoint to remind myself of the points I am going to say in my presentation.


I asked my peers to inspect my project when I was finished and asked them to give their opinion on it. This allowed me to fix my project based on their opinions. I ended up shortening it because it was too long. I also added more images and deleted some text, so it does not seem to intimate because of al the text.

Going through the 5Is in my Socials Final Project earned me an A in this project.

Digital Footprint assignment

My Powerpoint on Digital Footprint

This is the powerpoint I did on the digital footprint. I did my powerpoint on J.Cole. He is a rapper, that has an album that went platinum without any features. His most famous album is “2014 Forest Hills Drive”, which is also the album he went platinum on without features. He was born in 1985 in the U.S army base because his dad was a soldier. However, his dad left his family which caused his family to move to Fayetteville. His address at Fayetteville was 2014 Forest Hills Drive, which is his most famous album name. J.Cole is someone that puts his life stories in his songs.

Reflection 1

Socials 9 Museum Presentation

This is my museum project for my grade 9 Socials Study class. We had to research a first nations group around Canada and parts of the US. My first nation was the Iqaluit first nations in Nunavut. I choose this group because it had many well designed artifacts. The artifacts represented a part of a history of the Iqaluit first nations.  My goals at the beginning was to have 13 artifacts and four rooms for my museum. I am proud that I was able to sort each artifact and order them nicely by their author. I was also able to prepare a brief description for each of the authors. I also liked how I presented the project I was able to look at the audience while speaking. A challenge that I faced while doing my project was doing the research and find enough information about the artifacts. However, I over came the challenge by also researching the artifact’s author and adding that information. If I did this project again I would stick to my goal of having 13 artifacts. At the end I only had 10 artifacts and 3 tools. Next time I will try to only have artifacts and not tools, so my museum’s subject is not too broad.