Reflection 1

A) Give a little background about what you are sharing. When did you do it? Why did you do it? What were your goals when preparing it?

This image I am showing you is my silhouette project in Visual Arts 9. The image on the bottom is my silhouette, the picture on the top is my friends silhouette. I started this project on November 9th, 2020 and finished it on November 16th, 2020, so technically in a week. A silhouette is a dark shape and outline of a landscape, person, or animal against a lighter background, I chose buildings and birds as my silhouette with a sunset as my background. I believe we did this because we were learning about the color wheel, and since the art teacher wanted us to experiment more on the color wheel, the silhouette project was the perfect project to do. My goals while preparing where to make sure the gradation was nicely blended, the buildings are not crooked, and that everyone would know what my silhouette is.

B) What about it makes you proud?

I am proud of the fact that my gradation was pretty successful and the birds I drew because I took my time to make sure they are detailed.

C) What were the challenges you faced while working on it?

Some challenges I faced were having to mix so many colors to get the perfect shade I was expecting. It was quite difficult because I needed to make sure the color was not too dark and not too light or else I wouldn’t achieve in the gradation.

D) If you did it again in the future, what would you do differently? This could include changes to the final product, or changes to the process you took to get there.

If I did this again in the future, I would add more detail in the buildings because I believe they look very easy to draw. I could draw more difficult buildings such as towers or skyscrapers, and draw white squares so it would look like windows. Of course that would take more time but the final product would look much better and creative.



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