Using The Creative Fluency

What is my Assignment?

When I was in French 9, our teacher gave us a project to design a poster on our family. We had to mention their physical appearance, character and tastes/aversions. It was called “Ma Famille” which means “My Family” in French.

The 5 I’s


The teacher gave us the criteria and I read it very carefully before I started my project. I wrote down some ideas of what I could do on a piece of paper. Some of my ideas were to draw a family tree using my family photos or type it into a Word document and print it out. Before I began the assignment, I verified it with my teacher



To gather examples for this project, I searched for family tree drawings to have an idea of how I should draw my tree and what details should I add. I came across these pictures and used them for inspiration.

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After I researched, I looked at the things those images have in common with what I have in mind. I am thinking of ways to alter those images, make a few changes so that they aren’t similar to each other, or else that would be considered plagiarizing. The common thing I had with those images and my idea was that I was planning to draw and color a family tree.


As I start my project, my “aha!” moment came when I thought of combining my idea and those images. I am going to draw a family tree with circles indicating my family members and I would put images of them in the circles. And instead of typing it out of a word document, I could write it on the poster.


After every assignment or project, I always check the criteria before I hand it in because I want to receive the highest grade I can get. After I was done coloring, fine lining, writing, and drawing, I checked the sheet our teacher gave me and checked off everything I achieved. I did add more details to the writing and color to the poster. I was pretty proud of my project.

Going forward, the changes I would make to my process would be:

  • adding more color to the poster
  • adding more description to one of my family members


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