“This book takes place in a dystopian world, where firefighters initiate fires instead of putting them out. “I can’t remember a time where houses were not fireproof” the protagonist Guy Montag had said while talking to his young neighbor Clarisse. Guy Montag was among the oblivious firefighters; he didn’t intend to be one as this job had been passed down from generations above him. The use of more TV, more technology had made society blind to the problems that were taking place right in front of them. One being the extinction of books. No one had cared about why books had been made illegal, even our main character Guy Montag, had been burning books without a care in why he was doing it. That is until he had met his neighbor, an innocent young female named Clarisse. What was special about the new girl next door? She was always outside, shaking a walnut tree, knitting a sweater outside, she let the raindrops fall in her mouth. In this futuristic world, this was all so unusual. Clarisse had admitted that 6 of her friends had been shot this year, by other kids. An assumption I can make is that the usual play of video games and TV may have made kids in this world more violent with each other. An additional character with the same importance is Clarisse’s uncle. Although he had a lack of appearances, Clarisse would tell Montag about things she had heard from her uncle. Firefighters used to put fires out, kids would not kill each other, people would have conversations on something called a porch. All these seem normal now, in Guy Montag’s world he didn’t even know what a porch was.”

a) This is one paragraph out of one of my first English 9 honors essays. My teacher had us all pick our own books to read and write upon, this was called Independent Novel Study or INS for short. I picked the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. I enjoyed Ray Bradbury’s past stories and had heard good things about this book which is why I chose it. This paragraph specifically was a recap of events that had occurred in the book so far and an introduction to the story.

b) I am proud of this essay because of the fact it was my first essay in high school. This is the first essay I wrote with the new things I learned from my teacher. Like staying away from I statements in formal writings, not using fill in words, etc. I have come a far way from the time of this essay nevertheless I am still proud of this essay.

c) This being one of the first essays I wrote in high school I faced many challenges. Having online school for the last months in grade 8 made it difficult to learn all the necessary content for grade 9. I was able to catch up eventually and learn a great deal of new information.

d) There are some wordings I would change throughout this paragraph. For example, I include many “had” words that are unnecessary to the paragraph. Other than a couple of odd words here and there I am content as well as proud of this paragraph.


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