Reflection 1- Goal setting

1-) Family and Freinds

My goal is to be more confident around people so that I could make new friends. I am already like 55% confident so I think by the end of the year ill get to 100% confidence, so my first step to achieving this goal is to start and act more natural, so basically I need to stop being shy and talk more, be more like my self, I want to become a little bit talkative at school just like I am at home. I want to be someone who could make your sad day a good day.

2-) Education

I want to learn the guitar, to achieve this dream for sure I need to take classes and work hard and put all my effort into learning how to play it. another goal is that I want to understand math more, I am good at math when I want to but sometimes I don’t understand a thing of what we are taking in Math because I would only memorize how to solve it, instead of memorizing how to solve it, I want to try and understand it more because math is not about memorizing but about understanding.

3-) Health

I want to be healthier and by healthier I mean I want to get fit and have more sleep, and also have an organized day so that I won’t overwork myself. so for achieving all of these goals I need to start by organizing my day, my schedule should have time for school, school work, and time for exercise, and sure I should have great timings for everything so that everything would fit in my day, and if everything fits well in my day then I would get to go to sleep early and wake up early, and this will create a great healthy lifestyle, which will achieve my dream!

That’s all for my goals for this school year

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