Reflection 1 – My Goals for This Year

Family and Friends

I would like to improve my relationships with my friends by going outside the house more and hanging out outside with my friends compared to just being online with them.

I want to improve my family relationship by not playing on my computer all day and spending more time with them.

I can improve my relationships with my friends by being more kind to them while talking to them and not insulting them.

I chose these goals because I want to improve myself and my relationships between my family and friends.


I can improve my work productivity by not procrastinating and not doing my work until the last minute. 

I can improve the quality of my work by spending more of my attention and effort into the work I do to complete the final product. 

I could learn more things in school by taking more notes while in class and asking and answering more questions than I am currently doing. 

I chose these goals so I can further improve my education and so I can learn more things. 


I could be healthier by eating more healthy foods compared to eating junk food that is bad for my body. 

I can get healthier by putting more effort into Gym class and pushing myself to do better rather than being lazy. 

To get healthier this year I can go outside to exercise or do activities rather than sit at my computer playing games. 

I chose these goals so I can be healthier rather than be out of shape and unhealthy. 

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