Using Creative Fluency

The project I decided to choose to represent my creative fluency was my Digital Literacy Project: “Digital Footprint”. I chose this because I am not able to show a lot of creativity in my other classes. For this project, we had to choose an influencer to talk about whether they are oversharing or not on the internet.

IDENTIFY: for me to identify my project, I looked over the criteria and see what the teachers expect us to have in the infographics. With that information, I can properly start the project knowing the things I needed to do.

INSPIRE: I did not follow the traditional format and example as to what the other students did but I took a different turn. I was inspired by the many collages I saw on Pinterest and decided to have a similar format.


70s aesthetic wallpaper collage #aestheticwallpapers, #70s #aesthetic #aestheticwallpapers #collage #wallpaper

Of course, it doesn’t look exactly the same, but I took the idea of putting a lot of Marla’s photos on one page and using a similar color pallet.


I decided to go on the internet and look for the pictures relevant to what I will talk about and fit them into 3 different pages. I added little irrelevant pictures for the aesthetic and just to spice it up a little.


Finally, I was able to put everything together. As I said before, I took inspiration to a collage aesthetic and decided to messily put a couple of photos of Marla’s social media on the first page. I had a clear vision of how I wanted the pages to look and added a few details such as fonts and colours during the process.

example of the first page of my project:


Before handing in my project, I looked back at the criteria. I made sure all the mandatory things we need to add was on the page, finally handed it in.

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