My plans for screen time


I put around 15 hours a week into my health with 12 being me snowboarding on Sunday, and the other hours would be hanging out with friends and walking to and back from school.


I put around 2 hours everyday except Saturday into education, using most of the time on homework and some time to study/review.

Social Bonds:

I put around 21 hours a week into social bonds, a different amount of time everyday depending on my availability. I spend my whole Sunday with my snowboarding friends, the other 9 hours are from hanging out with friends, and talking to friends at lunch. the amount of time spent would differ depending on my availability.

-Stopping rules-


To prevent spending much time on my phone at school which I already don’t, I turn on the DND (do not disturb) option and receive 0 notifications. Another stopping rule is that I always keep myself occupied with music and work so I do not check my phone.


Most my homework is online, I stare at my monitor for a long time. To stop this I decide to stop every time my eyes get tired for about 10 minutes, to stretch and grab some water. Another way to keep myself off devices is to do anything that DOESN’T involve an electronic, for example: cooking, showering, eating, talking to my mom.


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