My First Vision board

ThisĀ  is my first vision board. This is how my vision board represents the 4 areas for example health playing sports going outside regulary and talking with friends is an example of health. Education and wealth l put science as an picture beacusel really enjoy how things like physics work but l’m most intrigued by biology because its really fascinating how the body works for eg… your body can produce 25million cells within 15 seconds l find that very interesting. Relationships l put friends and family on there l always hang out with my parents especially when l get home but at school l hang out with my friends in order to keep strong bonds l will always be in touch with friends and family making sure that they’re always in a great mood. Happiness something that l do in my free time is play games thats why l put a computer because its a way that l can enjoy my free time. l also play with friends so this is also another example of relationships.

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