My plan for screen time

Health. To think about it from the minute l wake up l immediately check my phone and at the end of every week my phone sends in how much time l spend on my phone and the average is usually around 4-6 hours a week. Example of how I’m going to focus on my health is taking my dogs on longer walks than usually currently l take my dogs out for 10-20minute walks l can probably take them on 40 minute walks because my dogs really like going out on walks. Example 2, to stop looking at my phone while I’m eating eg…. whenever l eat alone/ allowed to l usually eat my food while watching a youtube video or scrolling through social media l can probably stop that habbit.

Education usually when l have a test l study for it and prepare for it for example last week we had finals l spent time study for it. Example 1 after school spend time /1 hour study and then do whatever l want. Example 2 Put more effort into my homework and add extra details.

Socials bonds currently l talk to my friends at school when we have lunch and when l get home l usually also get in a call with my friends. Example 1 go outside and maybe study with friends. Example 2 Spend time with family more often and watch tv with family.

Stopping rules l rarely every use my phone in class unless with permission. Exampel 1 when class start at 9.00am l will shut down my phone and immediately put my phone in my bag with silent mode on. Example 2 To close my computer when a lesson is about to start unless you need your device.

Home stopping rules  Example 1 when my mom tells me to sleep l will immediately put my phone away and go to sleep. Example 2 When my mom calls me to eat l will turn off my phone and go up to eat

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