How might growing up with the language of tap dance change how one thinks about the world?

Like many things in the world tap dance holds a lot of culture behind it. Tap dancing is a creative way of expressing how one might be feeling or what they want to express to others. Each and everyone of these dancers can all have ways of showing their own style of tap dancing to express themselves, depending on who they are and where they are from. Tap dancing can have a big influence on how they might think about the world. For example, tap dancers can unlock a deeper creative mindset and have the ability to express themselves more.

What sonic, spoken, or even silent “languages” do you possess, and how do they change the ways you think? 

A language that I can speak other than English language is Polish. Having the ability to speak in a different language can change the way you think in many ways. I always feel that although I can speak English more fluently than Polish; however, I always tend to be able to express myself better in Polish rather than English when I am speaking with someone. This makes me think that since I have been raised in more of Polish culture rather than English I am able to express myself better in Polish since it feels more familiar. I have a better mindset when I speak Polish and feel that I can always think more clearly and explain better about different topics compared to if I had the same conversation in English.

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